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Phobya DC12-260 12Volt Pump

Phobya DC12-260 12Volt Pump
Phobya DC12-260 12Volt Pump
Phobya DC12-260 12Volt Pump
Phobya DC12-260 12Volt Pump
Phobya DC12-260 12Volt Pump
Phobya DC12-260 12Volt Pump
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The new Phobya pumps: A revolution begins! After the first products the manufacturer...more
Product Information

The new Phobya pumps: A revolution begins!

After the first products the manufacturer consortium Phobya now introduces a pump series which rattles the cages in the performance-pump sector. This product perfectly combines all the requirements from different watercooling users:

Quiet: At less than 22dB even most fans in the system emit more noise. For decoupling and therefore further noise reduction two kits are included with the pump: The first a map for quick and easy mounting on the case floor. The mat is self-adhesive on both sides and therefore reliably fixates the pump. The second possibility for pump installation are two brackets with which the pump can be fixated in the case.
A ceramic-based centrifugal bearing promises quiet operation and a long lifespan.

Compact: With the small outer dimensions (see technical specifications) the pump can be installed in almost any corner of the case, even in Midi- or Mini-towers. The compact dimensions of the pump also make connection to the cooling loop easy as the pump's position can easily be varied.

Powerful: Such a small and quiet pump so far always required compromises regarding the power. Not anymore! 2,6m of pressure head and 600l/h of flow are the kind of performance that will not be stopped even by cooling loops even with multiple waterblocks.

G1/4" connection: No adaptors, no annoyingly long connectors any more! Simply screw in the desired connector and you are set to go!

12V connector: The first advantage of a 12V connector is that it makes the connection with a 230V cable obsolete and that internal operation is made safe and easy. The other great feature of this pump is the connector: It is not a standard 4-Pin Molex connector, it is a 3-Pin fan connector which powers this pump (Important: Check the requirements and capabilities of the sockets to which you connect the pump). This pump can therefore be operated at a fan connector on a Mainboard or a fan controller. This also allows a speed reduction of the pump: Only 8V are required for starting and operation of the pump which makes it additionally quiet and smooth in operation. The fan connector also offers the advantage of rpm monitoring with a compatible controller.

Technical specifications:
Color: Black
Casing material: Plastic
Outer dimensions: (L x W x H): 61,7 x 59,7 x 46,7mm
Connection thread size: G1/4"
Power connector: 3-Pin
Nominal operating voltage: DC 12V
Starting voltage: DC 8V
Power consumption: 8W
Current draw: 1A
Max. pressure head: 2,6m
Flow rate: 600 l/h
Lifespan: 50.000hrs
Noise emission: below 22 db

Extent of delivery:
1x Pump
Decoupling mat
Decoupling bracket with 2x 4mm holes

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Technical details
farba: Čierna
spotreba energie: 8W
Rozmery: Highflow (500 bis 1400 l/h), 600 l/h
Rozmery: 61,7 x 59,7 x 46,7mm
napájací konektor: 35°C
Hlučnosť: 21,5 dB(A)
ostatné: 50.000 h
maximálny prietok: 2,6m, Dobré (od 2 do 4m)
Hersteller: Phobya
materiál: Plastové
napätie: 12V DC
Hlučnosť: G1/4" vnútorný závit
životnosť: G1/4" vnútorný závit
materiál: Voda, Voda/ glycol mix
napájací konektor: 3Pin Molex
Questions & Answers more
Questions & Answers
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Question from Fabian from 06. June 2016
Kann es sein dass die Abmessungs-Angaben vertauscht sind oder ist die 260 tatsächlich schmaler als die 220?
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 06. June 2016
Nein die 260 ist nicht schmaler. Die Maßen sind nur in unterschiedlichen Reihenfolgen, welches dieses Missverständnis aufgeworfen hat. Bei der 220 ist es die Reihenfolge HxBxL Bei der 260 ist es HxLxB
Antwort von Fabian vom 06. June 2016
Danke für die Info, so etwas habe ich mir auch schon gedacht. :-)
Question from Philipp R. from 07. July 2016
Schafft diese Pumpe CPU4820k + Grafikkarte980ti + Wasserfilter + Fließanzeiger + Mora3 360 mit gesammt ca.4 Meter Schlauch? Die Förderhöhe ist ja 2,6Meter nicht die maximale Schlauchlänge oder? Danke im voraus.
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 08. August 2016
Ist eine Größe, für welche die Pumpe nicht gedacht ist. Die wird es meiner Meinung nach schaffen das Wasser umzuwälzen, aber die Durchflussmenge wird wohl nicht zufriedenstellend sein. Da empfehlen wir zur D5 Pumpe oder einer Laing DDC.
Question from Guest #255147 from 08. August 2016
Was passiert wenn die Pumpe über diese 35 Grad betrieben wird ? Außer vllt Garantieverlust . Undicht ,Laut , Versagen ? Mfg
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 09. September 2016
Die Lebensdauer sowie die Funktion der Pumpe kann deutlich beeinträchtigt werden.
Question from Sebi. B. from 06. June 2017
Reicht die Pumpe für 2x 30mm 360mm Xflow und 1x 240 xt45 Xflow , 1x Graka GTX 1060, Cpu PHOBYA Uc 1 Extreme und dann wieder in den Alphacool Cape Corp.??? Schläuche sind 13/10. MfG
Antwort von Sebi. B. vom 06. June 2017
Alphacool Cape Corp LT 15*
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